Seresto Dog Large | 70 Cm


Seresto ribbon dog large 70 cm

Manufacturer: Elanco

Seller: TotalVita BV

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Seresto is an innovative, odourless and waterproof collar that provides protection against fleas and ticks in your dog. The collar with a duration of action of up to 8 months continuously releases low doses of the active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin. The dosage of Seresto's active ingredients is so low that it is safe for human and animal health.

The two active ingredients are spread through the collar over the dog's skin and coat. The collar both repels and kills ticks. Should ticks already be present on your dog before applying the collar, it is recommended to remove them. Seresto also protects against the development of flea larvae and can be used to treat lice infestations (Trichodectes canis).

The active ingredients work synergistically. Small amounts are gradually released through the micro layer on the surface of the collar. Seresto's active ingredients spread from this micro-layer to the sebum layer of the skin and coat. Neutral oils help spread throughout the sebum layer. The active ingredients move to the sebum layer when needed. This process is regulated by the difference in concentration between the collar matrix and the surface of the collar, allowing very precise dosing. This keeps an optimally low protection dose for 8 months.

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