Frontline Combo Spot On Dog M | 10-20 Kg | 3 Pipettes


Frontline Combo Dog M to prevent and treat the dog with fleas, Zeckenund lice.
Protects 8 weeks before re-infestation of fleas, 4 weeks before re-infestation of ticks.
Also offers effective protection against the eggs and larvae of fleas in the environment.
Spot-in neck (spot-on)
for dogs of 10-20 kg.
Packaging 3 pipettes.

Manufacturer: Merial

Seller: Thirdstreet BV

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Frontline Comboline Dog kills fleas within 24 hours and lice within 48 hours of administration. It also prevents flea larvae and eggs from developing on the skin. This also helps to prevent contamination of the environment around the treated dog (e.g. other pets).
The active ingredients are a combination of Fipronil and S-Methoprene. This last ingredient is effective against flea eggs and larvae and is not included in the regular Frontline Spot On variants that only contain fipronil.