Zymoral Pancreaspulver

Zymoral Pancreatic Powder is a dietary supplement for dogs and cats with pancreatitis (a problem with the pancreas). Pancreatitis can cause digestive problems; Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are then digested less well. Zymoral can alleviate these problems. It is a digestive food supplement as it contains (natural) digestive enzymes. It contains highly digestible ingredients and a low fat content.
Dogs or cats with an acute attack of pancreatitis should eat easily digestible foods supplemented with Zymoral. Animals with chronic pancreatitis must use Zymoral Pancreatic Powder for Dogs and Cats for the rest of their life.

Zymoral Pancreaspowder | 120 g

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Zymoral Pancreaspowder | 240 g

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