Royal Canin Hepatic Dog

Dogs with liver disease may suffer from decreased appetite and associated weight loss. Your dog may also suffer from vomiting or diarrhoea. Dogs with liver problems drink a lot and need to urinate often. They may also suffer from a bloated abdomen.

By examination, your vet can check your four-legged friend's liver function. They may then, depending on the cause, recommend a special diet food to support your dog's liver.

Activity Royal Canin Hepatic

Copper accumulation can seriously disrupt the liver's function. Thanks to a reduced copper content combined with an increased zinc content, Royal Canin Hepatic can reduce copper accumulation and cell damage in the liver. In addition, a specific combination of antioxidants helps protect and preserve healthy cells and tissues. Dogs with liver problems need a high-energy diet. Thanks to the increased energy content in Royal Canin Hepatic, your dog's ideal weight is maintained. Also, the high energy content prevents the breakdown of body proteins, reducing the risk of developing hepatic encephalopathy. Finally, the food contains highly digestible vegetable ingredients, which contribute positively to liver function.

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