Puur Psyllium

Psyllium is seen as one of the best sources of fibre for pets, which is essential for intestinal function. Psyllium provides softer bowel contents, but is much safer than regular laxatives which may cause the body to lose important nutrients. The psyllium husks expand when they come into contact with water (in the food or in the digestive tract), which forms a sort of gelatinous mass. If a stool is too loose, then the product helps to absorb some of the moisture in order to help create a healthier stool. In case of constipation, the product helps the bowel to contract, providing more volume to the stool. The stool will also become softer so that there is a reduced chance of irritation of the anus.

Besides providing a healthier stool, Psyllium may also help related intestinal irritation. Scientific studies show that hairballs in the stomachs of cats (and possibly dogs) can be removed naturally with the aid of Psyllium. Adding Psyllium promotes a healthy bowel function.