Puur Matatabi | 2 Pieces


Matatabi chew sticks (2x) are twigs Matatabiboom (Japanese kiwi tree).
Use in cats with anxiety or stress.
Cats can play with the stick, some chewing on it or bite it to pieces.
Bag with 2 sticks.

Manufacturer: NML Health

Seller: Thirdstreet BV

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The Matata tree is related to the Kiwi tree and grows in Asia, especially in China and Japan. On cats, the dried branches of this tree have a very special effect. It contains a substance that cats like, which helps them relax. Matatabi contains Actinicin and matatabi lactone. These are alkaloids that affect nerve stimulation in the brain in Felidae. It is often seen that cats that are relaxed of themselves have less interest in the sticks than cats that are under stress.

Cats suffering from restlessness, frustration and lethargy can benefit from Matatabi. Pure Matatabi provides distraction and calm in uncomfortable situations such as during a trip, moving house, after family expansion, admission to boarding or at the vet. Excessive excitability can manifest itself in cats in several ways: Aggressiveness. Destructiveness (scratching furniture). Meowing a lot. Licking themselves a lot or pulling out hair (which increases the likelihood of hairball formation!).

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