Milbactor Dog

Milbactor is an anthelmintic for the prevention of heartworm infections and lungworms and for the treatment of whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms in dogs.

Milbactor small dogs and puppies is suitable for puppies and small dogs up to 10 kg. If your puppy is 2 weeks or older and weighs more than a 0.5 kg, you may use Milbactor small dog.

Milbactor for large dogs is suitable for dogs weighing at least 5 kg.

How often you give the above dosage of Milbactor depends on your dog's risk of getting worms. For example, if your dog eats prey animals and/or snails and has a propensity to eat everything, you may need to worm more often. You can consult our worming guide to see how often you should worm your dog.

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