Effipro Spot-on Cat | 4 pipettes


Effipro spot-on cat to prevent and treat the cat with fleas, ticks and lice.
Protects four weeks before re infestation of fleas and 2 weeks before re-infestation of ticks.
Spot-on the neck (spot-on).
. For cats over 1 kg
packing pipettes fourth

Manufacturer: Virbac

Seller: Thirdstreet BV

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Effipro contains fipronil as an active ingredient. Fipronil is the most widely used flea and tick repellent in the world. Effipro is available as a spot-on and spray. In addition to fleas and ticks, the spray is also effective against lice. The new formulation of the Spot-On ensures a quick and long-lasting effect. In addition, Effipro is safe for you and your pet.
White films may form after applying the Spot-On. This disappears on its own within 24 to 48 hours, but it can also be brushed out. This does not affect the uptime and security.

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