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Cholodin Dog 50 Tabl

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Cholodin is a chewable tablet especially for older dogs and cats with disabilities. Cholodin can aid the brain in aging.
Cholodin cats also contain taurine, an essential amino acid that cats cannot make on their own. Choline is also known as a semi-vitamin. It is one of the B vitamins. Vitamin B deficiency is common in older animals.


Various encouraging clinical trials have been carried out on the effectiveness of Cholodin for symptoms of old age:


Poor hearing. Listlessness. Daytime snoozing. Peeing in the house. Lack of recognition. Not responsive to stimulus. Tension caused by slower brain function.


Laziness. Uncleanliness (cats urinating in the house). Reduced memory. Irritability. Frequent and loud meowing. Stress. Lack of appetite. Excessive moulting.

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