Zylkene 75 mg | 30 capsules


Zylkene 75 mg 30 capsules

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

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Zylkene capsules for dogs were developed to provide support in stressful situations. Think about a new living environment, a visit to the vet, strangers, a move or a fireworks display. Continuous and prolonged exposure to too much stress can lead to permanent behavior problems. Zylkene contains alpha-casozepin, which is obtained from milk protein. Zylkene is hypoallergenic, preservative-free and lactose-free.


Constant exposure to stressful situations can cause (permanent) behavioural problems, such as eating disorders or digestive problems, relieving or peeing in the house, anxiety, aggressiveness or stereotypical behaviours (licking, self-mutilation, spinning etc.).