Vetramil Paw Wax 120g.


Manufacturer: NML Health

Seller: F & C BV

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Extreme weather conditions can be tough on dogs. Ice, grit, snow, hot road surfaces and rough terrain can damage the paw pads. The skin can get damaged and painful chaps can occur.

Vetramil Paw Wax protects the paw pads. The beeswax provides a protective layer on the paw pads. The paw wax has a bitter taste, meaning that dogs don't tend to lick it.

Aside from the Vetramil Paw Wax, Vetramil also offers other care products. The Vetramil Derma Shampoo is suitable for dogs with an easily irritated skin or a poor coat. To support the healing of minor and major skin damage, try Vetramil.

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