Sebolitic SIS Shampoo - 200 ml


Manufacturer: Virbac

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Sebolitic is a nourishing shampoo without coal tar, which is specially designed for use on dogs and cats with serious skin problems as a result of seborrheic keratosis.

Virbac Sebolitic specifically uses the combined power of keratolytic, anti-seborrheic and skin cleansing agents. These assist in the removal of excess flakes, the regulation of the keratinisation (linoleic and gamma linoleic acid), the regulation of the secretion products (zinc gluconate and vitamin B6 in free and encapsulated form), as well as the control of the natural microbial bacteria of the skin (piroctone olamine). There are also soothing anti-irritants (Melaleuca essential oil, tea tree oil). Sebolitic also contains spherulites and essential fatty acids. Spherulites are multi-layered, microscopic spheres that provide a slow and prolonged release of the active molecules.

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