Puur Tranquil Hund/Katze (ehemals Puur Ruhe)

Puur Tranquil is a mix of minerals and herbs. Many of these components are known to provide rest and relaxation without drowsiness. This results in less anxiety and stress during training. The dog becomes "more trainable" because its attention is on its owner.

Stressful situations, periods of tension, excitement and unrest. Unusual situations such as prolonged transport or air travel, fireworks on New Year's Eve, moving house or loss of family member or friend. Dogs and cats that need to rest for a long period of time due to an illness, injury or surgery. During competition season. Excessive excitable behaviour. Neuritis.

PUUR Rust hond/kat | 100 g

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Puur Tranquil Paard (voorheen Puur Rust) - 500 Gr.

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