PURE Matatabi | 2 sticks


Matatabi chew sticks (2x) are twigs Matatabiboom (Japanese kiwi tree).
Use in cats with anxiety or stress.
Cats can play with the stick, some chewing on it or bite it to pieces.
Bag with 2 sticks.

Manufacturer: NML Health

Seller: F & C BV

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Target species: Cat
Age: Kitten, Young, Adult, Senior
Administration Method: No
Indication: Behavior
Indication description: Matatabi sticks for cats with stress, such as:
-Tartan Spartan (scratching furniture)
many meow
-licking himself a lot of hair pulling
Multi-cat households
When unwanted cats in the neighborhood
Matatabi provides distraction in certain situations:
While traveling
-Family Expansion
-Inclusion in guesthouse or visiting the vet.
Contraindications: None
Dosage : You can give Matatabi sticks as toys. Cats play with the stick, some chewing on it or bite it to pieces. Many cats will roll and rub in places where the stick or remnants thereof situated. If the bark of the stick is removed, the effect even greater. Not more than two to three times per week to give due the occurrence of habituation. Wand remove once the cat is finished.
Composition : Matatabi contains Actinicine and matatabi lactone from Matatabiboom.
Effects: Harmful effects are not there. Sometimes cats (light) drooling. This is harmless.
Warnings : In combination with medication first consult your veterinarian. leaflet information shown here is often a summary of the leaflet.
leaflet : Always consult the full package insert of the product. You can usually online on the website of the manufacturer or importer.
Brands: PUUR
Suitable For: Cat
Problem Areas: Behaviour
Ages: Young, Kitten, Senior, Adult