Pulvex Spot-on | 6 pipettes


Pulvex spot-on in the defense ticks dogs.
The effect lasts up to 4 weeks.
Dosage: 1 pipette per 15 kg bw
strip of 6 pipettes.

Manufacturer: MSD (Intervet)

Seller: TPC BV

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Pulvex spot on, based on permethrin, fights against ticks and fleas in dogs. Pulvex also protects against the diseases transmitted by these parasites.

Pulvex Spot On

Pulvex is a highly effective spot-on product that combats fleas and ticks in dogs. Pulvex works within 24 hours of administration and remains active for up to 4 weeks. The active substance in Pulvex is permethrin (65%), which belongs to a group of synthetic pyrethroids (like Scalibor). This defends against insects (repellent), killing any sign of ticks or insects. This makes it an effective method of protection against fleas, ticks and the threat of tick-borne diseases.

Pulvex is safe to use after 2 weeks of age, but do not use on animals younger than 2 weeks.

Pulvex is toxic to cats, even licking the dog immediately after application may cause problems.


For the first 12 hours after administration, the affected dog should not be allowed to go swimming. Washing and bathing can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, making it necessary to give follow-up treatment earlier (minimum 7 days between treatments). If your dog likes to swim a lot, it may be wise to use a waterproof Scalibor Protector band.

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