Phytonics Muscle Support

Phytonics Muscle Support contains ingredients that support the energy supply to the muscles and promotes the (re)generation of muscle mass. It also contains agents to strengthen ligaments and tendons. Where several muscles are affected, fatigue symptoms can appear widespread, these are reduced by ATP providing more energy to affected areas. ATP is provided here by creatine. When the muscle uses ATP, it is converted into ADP, phosphorus and energy. Later, ADP plus phosphorus will revert to ATP which can again catalyse energy. Thus the animal body has a store of energy which can be accessed through metabolism, the phosphate coil, lactic acid system and the oxygen system.

Phytonics Muscle Supp - Hond/Kat - 250 gr

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Phytonics Muscle Supp - Paard/Pony - 800 gr

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