Laxulon | 125 ml


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Laxulon is safe to use if you stick to the recommended dosage. It can be mixed with food or drinking water, or you could apply the product straight in your pet’s mouth. The product includes a syringe, which makes it easy to squirt Laxulon in the mouth. Clean the syringe after use with tab water. Only apply this product orally, preferably in the morning.

Dosage to prevent blockage issues: 3 ml per 5 kg body weight per day. Preferably 2 times 1.5 ml per 5 kg body weight, or 3 times 1 ml per 5 kg body weight. Continue treatment according to your veterinarian's advice. Store under 25 degrees in original, closed packaging. You can use AA Laxulon 2 months after opening.

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