MediBase BV supports a different charity each year. For 2018 we have chosen WarChild.

You can help us donate by adding 1 € to your order amount when placing an order with one of our shops. When completing your order you will receive an option to do this automatically  In January 2019 we will donate the amount raised  funds to Warchild.

Millions of children are growing up surrounded by war. This environment has a devastating impact on their development. Violence, abuse, neglect and loss make them depressed, anxious and aggressive.

Children do not belong in war, ever. They cannot be healthy (normal?) children. They have the right to grow up in peace, to develop in a healthy way, to become who they want to be.  

Children who grow up to be balanced adults, subsequently have better conflict prevention skills. The next generation is the cornerstone of a peaceful future.

MediBase BV also does its part for the preservation of our environment. Therefore, we recycle packaging materials as much as possible. We opt for recycling newspapers, paper and cardboard boxes that will reduce the environmental load.  As a result, you may notice that there is a logo or text on the shipping box that has nothing to do with the product you ordered. However, you can be certain that the products you ordered will be well protected in the appropriate packing materials and sturdy boxes