TROVET Mobility Dog and Cat

TROVET Mobility promotes healthy and good joint functions in dogs and cats. It reduces the symptoms of joint disease and osteoarthritis. It also reduces the risk of joint damage. Trovet Mobility contains abalone, fish cartilage and group lip mussels, which provide building materials for the production of cartilage and synovial fluid. Reduction of pain and inflammation reactions through the supply of Neutraceuticals. Trovet Mobility supports the treatment of arthritis, elbow and hip dysplasia in young and older dogs and cats. It also provides growth support for large breed young animals.

Use during pregnancy. Puppies and kittens younger than 6 months, as there is risk of diarrhoea. Dogs and cats with seafood allergies.
TROVET Mobility Bites | 200 g (Sashas Blend)
TROVET Mobility | 250 g Powder (Sashas Blend)

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