Puur L-Lysine Dog/Cat

Puur L-Lysine (powder) for dogs and cats is a food supplement for dogs and cats that helps to promote the immune system. This product is ideal for use during recovery phases, but can also be used when moving or traveling.
Puur L-Lysine for Dogs and Cats contains L-Lysine, a substance that helps in the formation of elementary proteins. It also contains vitamin B6, which contributes to the immune system. It can simply be mixed with the normal food, which makes it very easy to use.

Reduced resistance. Recovery period after illness or surgery. After vaccination. Change due to new environment.
Animal1 - 2 x daily (1 scoop contains approximately 1g)
Cat (chronic symptoms)½ scoop
Cat (acute symptoms)1 scoop
Dog < 10 kg¼ scoop
Dog 10-25 kg½ scoop
Dog > 25 kg1 scoop