PUUR Digest (Spijsvertering) - Hond/Kat - 100 gr


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Puur Digest absorbs excess intestinal fluid when the stool is loose and makes the intestinal contents softer when constipated. It ensures good stool consistency, stimulates bowel function and neutralizes toxins present in the bowel. It thus contributes to the development of a healthy intestinal flora. Puur Digest helps to reduce digestive discomfort and contributes to optimal resistance. This product is suitable for cats and dogs.

Indications: Diarrhoea as a result of a viral or bacterial infection or because your pet has eaten something that was off. Disrupted bowel function. Enteritis. Constipation. Preventative, for optimal bowel function. To support in cases of chronic bowel conditions or allergic reactions.

Always consult with your veterinarian before giving this product to pregnant or lactating animals.

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