Feliway Verdamper

The Feliway vaporizer for cats is a device that spreads calming pheromones for cats and is suitable for rooms up to 70 square meters. The vaporizer diffuses pheromones that are natural to your cat and that make them feel safe and secure around the house.
If an (adult) cat experiences stress, for example from illness or moving, it will stop releasing pheromones in the house and will no longer feel safe in its surroundings. Bringing the substance into the air with a vaporizer reduces subsequent undesirable behavior such as spraying or urinating around the house. The product is ideal for stress caused by external factors such as fireworks or thunderstorms.
For households with tension / conflicts between several cats, you can better use the Feliway Friends.

Feliway navulling | 48 ml

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Feliway verdamper + flacon | 48 ml

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