Etiderm Shampoo - 200 ml


Manufacturer: Virbac

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Virbac Etiderm Shampoo helps treat skin conditions in dogs and cats. The foaming shampoo helps with superficial skin diseases. The action of ethyl lactate is based on the pharmacological properties of ethanol and lactic acid. Virbac Etiderm Shampoo is suitable for conditions such as pyotraumatic dermatitis, skin fold dermatitis, impetigo, folliculitis, chronic papulopustular pyoderma and as a local treatment for seborrhea.


Antiseptic shampoo for dogs with conditions such as:

Pyotraumatic dermatitis. Skinfold dermatitis. Impetigo. Folliculitis. Chronic papulopustular pyoderma. Local seborrhoea treatment.

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