Advantage Hund

If your dog has fleas, it may become very itchy. Also, flea bites can be very painful. Advantage Dog is a fast-acting product that kills fleas, lice larvae and lice and prevents them from getting stuck in your dog\'s fur. By using this anti-flea product, your dog will get rid of its fleas, larvae and lice quickly. With Advantage flea product for dogs, your dog can be treated against the parasites quickly and stress-free. All fleas and lice on the skin and all flea larvae that approach a treated dog are killed within 24 hours. This effectiveness makes the product very suitable for dogs suffering from a flea allergy.

Advantage 100 | Dog 4-10kg | 4 pipettes

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Advantage 250 | Dog 10-25kg | 4 pipettes

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Advantage 40 | Dog up to 4kg | 4 pipettes

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Advantage 400 | Dog 25-40kg | 4 pipettes

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