Effipro Spot-on Cat | 4 pipettes


Effipro spot-on cat to prevent and treat the cat with fleas, ticks and lice.
Protects four weeks before re infestation of fleas and 2 weeks before re-infestation of ticks.
Spot-on the neck (spot-on).
. For cats over 1 kg
packing pipettes fourth

Manufacturer: Virbac

Seller: F & C BV

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Effipro® contains fipronil as active ingredient. Fipronil is the most widely used flea and tick repellent worldwide. Effipro® is available as spot-on and spray. Besides fleas and ticks, the spray also works against lice. The new formulation of the spot-on ensures a fast and long-lasting effect. In addition, Effipro® is safe for you and your pet.
After application of the spot-on, some white deposits may form observed on the coat. This disappears on its own within 24 to 48 hours, but can also be brushed out. This does not affect the operating time and safety.

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