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How To Identify Fleas?
Excessive scratching in your dog or cat is a symptom. Sometimes one sees adult fleas among the dog's and cat’s hair, especially in the lower back. With a comb , one can check that fleas sit in the fur of the animal which looks like a dark granule and sometimes they fall out. Catch these grains and put them in a damp paper. If the damp paper turns red, you have to deal with the adult flea feces excreted undigested blood. The presence of fleas is thus demonstrated. .

How To Identify Ticks?
Ticks are mainly found in bushes and tall grass parks, gardens, forests and scrubland. The size of a pinhead , the tick waits patiently until a dog or cat (or human) passes close to it. Then let them fall on the animal and attaches itself with its bite muzzle so she can suck blood. Ticks are especially active in the spring and autumn ( warm periods and high humidity ) .The first tick is small, but after they bite swells slowly until she reached engorged with blood and the size of a coffee bean. Check your dog or cat regularly for ticks

How To Deal With Worms?
Puppies have worms before birth through the womb because encapsulated larvae are active in the bitch. Kittens immediately after birth feed through breast milk. By contact with infected feces that are scattered throughout the area. The eggs can survive 3 to 5 years in the soil. Specialists recommend deworming adult pets at least four times a year

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