Adaptil | 10 tablets


Provides in stressful situations temporary reassurance in the dog.

Adaptil tablets contain natural active substances, which in dogs in stressful situations provide fast temporary reassurance.
Can be used in fireworks, thunderstorms and travelling.
Adaptil tablets may be used in combination with a Adaptil evaporator, collar or spray.
This efficacy has been proven in academic and clinical studies.

Manufacturer: CEVA

Seller: F & C BV

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Species Dog
Age Pup, Kitten, Young, Adult, Senior
Mode of administration Tablets/Capsules
Indication Behavior
Indication definition No
Contraindication Not known.

  Body weight of dog  

 Daily dose  

    < 10 kg

   ½ tablet

   10-20 kg

   1 tablet

   20-30 kg

   2 tablets

    > 30 kg

   3 tablets

Adaptil tablets are flavored and are administered once daily out of hand or through the feed, 2 hours prior to the expected situation.


Contains a combination of natural active ingredients, GABA, L-Theanine L-Tryptophan and B-Vitamins.

Side effects None.
Warnings None.
Packaging Leaflet No
Brands: Adaptil
Suitable For: Dog
Problem Areas: Behaviour
Ages: Young, Kitten, Puppy, Senior, Adult
Modes Of Administration: Tabletten/Capsules